League Tables

Welcome to the new League Table page!

(This is still a test so please use it but don’t count 100% on its accuracy! This database is a project ready for bigger better things!)

Here, you can view the current standing best dog, best bitch and overall best Pembroke. The points that are used to calculate the league table are based on the Leslie Perrins Trophy and Challenge Cups scores – so it’s a combination of them both and doesn’t count toward any trophy score etc.

The League Table displays data in real time, so as you add more points the ranking will change.

The league table only shows dogs that have been added to the database, as more add their dogs, the list will grow. 

With more real data from people we will be able to develop a final product that will be completely accurate and used for calculating the league trophy scores.

Overall Top Pembroke (Based on Open Show, General Ch and Group Ch Shows):

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