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SHOWS: The Executive Committee run a Championship Show each year (subject to K.C. permission), alternately in the North and the South. In addition two Open Shows are held by the Section and Sub‑section Committees.

The League also supports Open and Championship Shows all over the country with Diplomas and Specials.

Members who do not wish to exhibit their Corgi are al­ways most welcome to come along to the League Shows as spectator.

THE HANDBOOK: The Handbook was first published in 1947 and with the exception of 1948 has been published annually ever since. It contains articles, advertisements, show results, trophy winners and a Portrait Gallery of Challenge Certificate winners with their pedigrees. There is also an overseas section of the Portrait Gallery for Overseas Champions.

NEWSLETTER: The twice-yearly Newsletter contains articles of interest to all Corgi owners plus news from the Sections and details of forthcoming events and social functions.

FAULT-FINDERS: these are available from the Southern Section, price £1.00 each plus postage,

There are also experienced breeders in most areas who are happy to help the novice owner in any way they can.

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UK Member Single – Yearly £31.50
Includes the Annual Handbook, two newsletters a year and entrance to all League events.

Limited Member Single – Yearly £12.50
The same as Full but excludes the Handbook.

Additional Member Living at Same Address £5.00 each
Available to members of the same family or partners residing at the same address.

Overseas Member Single – Yearly £40.00
The same as full, but for overseas members. Please choose this option if you don’t live in the UK.

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