Judging Lists


This judges list is compiled by a joint judges committee made up from the following breed clubs: Welsh Corgi League, Devon & Cornwall WCC, Eastern Counties WCC, Midland WCC, Northern Counties WCS, Pennine & Yorkshire WCA, South East C.A, Sth. Wales CC, WCC of Cambria, West of England CA & Welsh Corgi Club.


Persons who have previously been approved by the Kennel Club to award C.C’s in the breed, and have carried out the appointment and have the support of the Welsh Corgi Pembroke Judges Committee.

ALLEN Mrs A P (CEVALDAR) Co. Kerry, Eire. 353-684-8971
AYLOTT Mrs B (BARWAL) Essex 01708-764926
AYLOTT Mr W (BARWAL) Essex 01708-764926
BAKER Mrs F.S. (SHEROLIE) Kent. 01892-723401
BARLOW Mr A. (PENDRELL) Staffs. 01782-305139
BARLOW Mrs E (PENDRELL) Staffs. 01782-305139
BEAZLEY Mrs L. (CINONNIE) Somerset 01823-443053
BLAKE Mr T (BRONTEG) Pembrokeshire 01834-862928
BLANCE Mrs C B (PENLIATH) Essex 01268-745164.
BLANCE Miss N. (PENARLTON) Essex 01268-745164
BLOOMFIELD Miss J (OAKCAP) Co Durham 0191-527-1167
BLUNSTONE Mrs E. (CORROGS) Worcester 01684-311976
BONNER Mr R C (CORGWOOD) Essex 01245-267094
BOULTON Mrs L (JONLORAN) S Yorks. 01709-524191
BURGESS Mrs S (SHALLIANNE) Kent. 01892-723046
COLE MS M A (ONFORM) South Africa. 011-616-6172
COULSON Mr B J (WOODHENGE) Wilts. 01980-653482
COULSON Mrs S (WOODHENGE) Wilts. 01980-653482
CUTHBERT Mr C (TRIELLA) Cleveland 01642-782908
DAVIES Mrs C (CERANDA) Swansea. 01792-850399
DAVIES Mrs M (ERMYN) Ammanford. 01269-594738
DOVER Mr K J (PEMCADER) Herefordshire 01989-750406
DOWN Miss J. (ELESSAR) Cambs. 01945-464704
ELLIS Mrs B M (BRYNELLI) Surrey. 01293-785073
ELLWOOD Mrs E. (ELLHAR) East Yorks 01430828713
ESSENHIGH Mr B J. (BRYNLLUAN) Carmarthenshire 01269-844846
FORGIE Mr J (DRUMBUIE) West Lothian 01501-730899
FORGIE Miss P (DRUMBUIE) Sth Australia. 61 88264-7283
FRICKER Ms F (KERMAN) Carmarthenshire 01267-223141
GREEN Mrs A (CARLTON COTTAGE) Herefordshire 01531-670221
HARRISON Mrs S (HARESFOOT) Leicestershire 01858-880244
HOPWOOD Mrs P J (JOFREN) S Yorks. 01709-872576
HOPWOOD Mr P (JOFREN) S Yorks. 01709-872576
IRVING Miss T J (TWINAN) Lancs 07906 484191.
JONES Mr D P (SHAVALS Wilts. 01225-766515
KING Mr G (BIMWICH) Surrey 0208-394-0649
KING Mrs D (BIMWICH) Surrey 0208-394-0649
LEGERTON Miss G D (SOLAW) Essex 01799-521298
LITTLEFAIR Mr K A (DOLDRUM) Nth.Yorks 01642-710356
MACNALLY Miss K (GORTHLECK) Surrey 01342-842639
MADDOX Miss T (SALVENIK) Powys 01938-570598
MAGNESS Mrs M (PEMLAND) Oxon 01367-710452
MAGNESS Mr S J (PEMLAND) Oxon 01367-710452
MILLER Ms Fiona (MEITZA) Scotland. 01292-478511
MITCHELL Mrs C (CANTONE) Norfolk 01603-270919
NEAL Mrs M (FOXYDALE) Pembrokeshire 01438-840320
PARSONS Mr S (DEAVITTE) Kent 01233-628044
PRESTON Mrs L J (WILLINDA) Clackmannanshire 01259-751373
PRESTON Mr W S (WILLINDA) Clackmannanshire 01259-51373
REES Miss A. (STADWEN) Swansea 01792-773544.
REES Mr D.A. (STADWEN) Swansea 01792-773544.
RHODIE Mr A (MARKLYNNE) Fife 01334-828517
RILEY Mrs M (RETMARI) Gwent 01495-305025
ROBERTS Miss L. (CHERASTAYNE) Lancashire 01995-604844
SAXTON Mrs C (PERRYMIST) Rotherham 01709-814131
SWANN Mrs J (KENPETH) Lancashire 01942-676545
SYKES Mrs M (PEMSKYES) Northants 01327-879841
TAYLOR Mr A (WATERGALL/BELROYD) Herefordshire 01989-750664.
TAYLOR Miss S (BYMIL) W Sussex 01903-714368
THOMAS Mr B K (BYKING) Mid. Glamorgan 01443-777276
TURNER Mrs C (COTTONFIELDS) Somerset 01963-351571
WARNER Mrs S (BRISAM) Worcester 01905-24117, 07917 820738
WATSON Mrs V (NORECLIFFE) Monmouthshire 01291-628292
WHITEHEAD Mrs J. (CORGOLD) West Midlands 0121-744-3493
WILSON Mr B (VANRELL) S Yorks 01226-382055
WINSONE Mrs M (CORDACH) Wilts 01793-670243
WOOD Mr R (MYSWEET) Essex 01277- 362791
WOODEY Mrs D E (BARAWOOD) N. Somerset 01934-525029

‘A.1’ LIST NON SPECIALISTS. *Denotes breed specialists.

ARCH Mrs A. Lancs. 0161-762-9390
ATKINSON Mr S (HOLLINSWELL) Lancs 07906 484191.
BENSON Ms A.E. (CORBEN) Hants 01329-665555.
BANBURY Mrs B Surrey 020-8941-2557
BISPHAM Mr J B Lancs.01772-627161
BISPHAM Mrs J. Lancs .01772-627161
BOGGIA-BLACK Dr M Kent 01227-274324
BRACE Mr A H Gwent 01495-224887
*CARTLEDGE Mrs C E (RYSLIP) Berks 01344-424144
CORISH Mr J. Lancs 01772-612939
CROFT Mr B M (MALCRO) N. Yorks. 01732-376231
DUFFIELD Mr G. Northants. 01604-832500
GILLILAND Mrs K V (CASTLEAVERY) N. Ireland 028-9181-8411
GRAY Mr G (SLATEHOUSE) Wilts. 01380-850483
*HADDON Mrs A W (ILSHAM) Notts 01909-731565.
HALL Mr S. Lancs. 01254-853526
HEWITT Mrs K. (CARDHEW) Warks 01788-812156
HILL Mr G Vale of Glamorgan 01446-792457
HORSWELL Mr J. Derbys 01509-674059
JOHNSTON Mr TOM. Selkirkshire 01578-760233
KANE Mr F (HIRONTOWER) Cleveland 01642-485895
KAYE Mrs F (DANFRECK) Nth. Lincs. 01724-783195
*LANNING Miss J (CLAUSENTUM) Hants 01794-388507.
LUSCOTT Mr J. Lincs. 01529-461489
*MACDONALD Mrs E A (MABROOKA) Glasgow 0141-942-1719.
MALLARD Mr S.J. Notts. 01909-722141
MUCKLE Mrs S. (GOWERSTON) Worcs 01527-456615
MUNRO Mr T. Surrey 01483-473572
NAGRECHA Mr Tan, Warks.07525-349576
NATHAN Mr K. (SUPERNOVA) Notts 01623-720987
NEWHOUSE Mr K Robin. Lancs. 01257-263926
*PAYNE Mrs B (ILSHAM) Nr.Worksop 01909-731565.
RICHIE Mr J (DYKEBAR/HOLLIBELL) Lanarks 01555-895575
SANDERS Mr M. Cardiff 029-208-13402
SEARLE Mr R (SURLSON) Northumberland 01670-789640
SMEDLEY Mrs C (ANTOC) Dorset 01425-672424
SMITH Mr D (CLICKAM) Cheshire 01625-875557
SPAVIN Mrs M. West Midlands 0121-782-2639
SPEDING Mrs A. (ANTOC)Dorset 01425-672424
WIGHT Mr A (SHARVAL) Midlothian 0131-449-3808
YOUNG Mr Kevin.(SUNKAP) Sth. Lanarkshire 01357-520730.


Persons who fulfil all the requirements for the A3 list and who have been assessed in accordance with Kennel Club requirements and accepted by The Kennel Club for inclusion on an A2 list and have the support of the Welsh Corgi Pembroke Judges Committee.


ASBRIDGE Mr D (CHILIABOMWE) Lancashire 01772-613663
COLLINS Dr. M (DRUMMANOR) Co Tyrone 028 867 65276
COLLINSON Miss S (WYTHERSDANE) Kent 01622-831755
FROGGATT Mrs C A (GEREFA) Dorset 01202-897002
GARDINER Mrs R (ELMSMERE) Suffolk 01449-768678
JEFFERSON Miss A (KARISOKE) Suffolk 01502-349835
PARRISH Mr G. (DANGAVLYNS) Derbyshire 0115-930-9107


RADLEY Mr P.Herts. 01763-243005
WELLER Mr D.F. (EVAD) Kent 01233-732340


Asterisk denotes a breed specialist who requires more classes and dogs judged before being eligible to judge a Breed Club Open Show or a Championship Show without C.C s.

BARROW Mr A G (WATAMU) Merseyside 0151-427-5261
BARROW Mr A P (STORMSHIP) Merseyside 0151-427-5261
BENSON Mr T C (CORBEN) Hants 01329-663230
BLAKE Ms D (BRONTEG) Pembrokeshire 01834-810227
BROWN Mrs J (JAHNAHAUS) Lincs. 01522-869846
*FOX Miss R (FOXWELL) Leicestershire 01509-216871
FRANCHI Ms L (SANIAQUINTO) Dundee 01382-580096
GORDON Ms J (TROUTOP) 023-8065-2524
*HOGG KAY (KELTYBRAE) Fife 01383-271121
HOGGARTH Mrs M (WHITEBARN) Tyne & Wear 0191-529-4118
*KEATES Mr D (HADASSAH) 0121-624-3217
MILLAR Miss J (PEMSHORE) Suffolk 01502-740274
NEAL Mr B. (FOXYDALE) Pembrokeshire 01348-840320
PEPLOW Mr M. Worcs. 01527-874931
PETITPIERRE Miss A (KULLA) Somerset 01458-223571
RICHARDS Mr R. Kent 01797-364434
RICHARDSON Miss A Cheshire 07969-153786 / 01606-860787
SKULL Mr J (ESTELAMAY) Surrey 01932-231269
SNEDDEN Miss F. (ARANGATH) Scotland 01659-66436
*STEWART Mrs G. (SCOTTOTS) Argyll 01369-703413
STEWART Mr M (MEGSFIELD) Cumbria 01900-64012
WILLIAMS Mr N (LLYSWEN) Mid Glamorgan 01656-722048


ALLSOP Mr D. (SANDMEL) Derbyshire 07706233991
BALDWIN Mr K. (NIGHTSTORM) Liverpool 0151-498-4006
BOLTON Mrs L (RIKARLO) Selkirk. 01750-23321
CARTER Mr J. (MONTZELLA) Essex 01621-818483
CLIFTON Mr P. Lincs. (JOSETER) 01775-713625
COLLIS Mrs J. Herts, 01462-731077
COXALL Mrs C Somerset 014602-41994
DE-VINE Mr R. (SALROYD) West Yorks 01274-681219
HODGSON Miss M (DDALRUS) Essex 01206-540029
HUTCHISON Mrs A C (DALRANNOCH) Moved new address not known
JONES Mr H. (SEAFIRE) Wakefield 01924-824700
JONES Russell F (QUEMERFORD) Wiltshire 01225-762327
JONES Mr T. (HERW) W. Glam.01639-823078
KAYE Mr F (DANFRECK) Nth. Lincs. 01724-783195
NETHERCOTT Mr T. Middlesex 020-85817311
OLDHAM Mr R Notts. 01909-722141
REYNOLDS-FROST Mr Ben. Herts. 01462-892498
RUAL Mr G C (GILCORU) Sth. Wales 01443-672089
STANBURY MRS D (WOODBRIAR) Cornwall 01752823106
VINCENT Mr M. (SYLBECQ) Lancs. 01254-888555


Persons who are considered to have sufficient interest in the breed to be able to judge at Open Shows but do not fulfil the criteria for the B List.

ALLEN Mr C. (CEVALDAR) Eire. 353-684-8971
BUSSEY Mr K (PANJACK) Nottinghamshire 01777-708382
COX Mrs C M (COXBROOK) Leics.01530-831371
CREECH Mrs L (ZYDAHAYES) Somerset 01823-461699
FOSTER Mrs C. Tipton 0121-520-3933
FOSTER Mr S. Tipton 0121-520-3933
HILLEY Mr R (DUNLARK) Scotland 01786-842199
HUNT Denise (HUNTSVILLE) Cheshire 07891-749975
MALKIN Mrs L (WALLACEFOOT) Scotland 01786-841450.
MAY Miss R. Cornwall 01209-210582
MORGAN Miss A. Carmarthenshire 01269-841146
PARRISH Mrs L. (DANGAVLYNS) Derbyshire 0115-930-9107
PHILLIPS Mr C (PHILJANCO) Scotland 01324-63885
READ Mrs L.A. Teeside 07876-230519
REAY Miss J. (Jacqueilas) Co. Durham 01388-813281
SAETHER Mr L  Herefordshire 01989-750362
SMITH Mr Daniel. (Llwynog) Swansea 01639-842370
WEEDALL Miss L A (BRONABAY) Cheshire 01606-550402
WILES Ms Bonnie (RICBOURNE) Harefield 07787-741303
WYER Mrs H (COTTIVY) Southampton 01489-860176 07770-815346


Persons who are considered to have sufficient interest in the breed to be able to judge at Open Shows but do not fulfil the criteria for the B List.

BIRD Mrs Sue (BRIDOS) W. Sussex 01273-492403
BLUNDEN Mr B (LICASSA) Lincs. 01476-407032
CHADWICK Mrs P. Lancs. 01254-703899
CHORLEY Mr J. Merseyside 0151-420-4890
COLWELL Mr T. (PASTRAKA) Worcester 01905-358167
CROSS Mr R M (TARSKAVAIG) Larkhall 01698-887776
CRUDEN Mr R. (SHAMSKY) W. Yorks. 01924-781174/07946-340903
CUTLER Miss J. (LANKEELA) Norfolk 07771-743138
EBY Miss E. (KILVROCH) Daventry, 01327-261664
KING Ms A (ALLYKING) S. Derbys 01283-212233
LATHAEN Ms K (TYRDYMA) Gwynedd 01678-520555
LE MARE Mrs K (HELMLAKE) Surrey 01932-873239
LILLEY Mrs G. Jane. W. Sussex 01403-822222
LOCKSMITH Mrs M.(ABBEYDAC) Suffolk 01473-747615
LUNT Mrs A Cheshire 0161-367-9636
MacDONALD-CROSS Mrs M (TARSKAVAIG) Larkhall 01698-887776
MANTON Mr Des (SCALLYWAG) Ireland. 02891-819351
MATHER Mr A.P. Co. Durham 01325-314349
MATHER Mrs M.E. Co. Durham 01325-314349.
McCANN Di. Kent 01622-831608
MORRIS Mr Richard (LASCOED)Newport 01633-612326
PIEARS Mrs B. (Tyci) Hereford 01432-266103
PURNELL Mr JOHN (YIKASOWN) Merseyside 07944 490091
RALPH Mrs J Lincs. 01775-820530
STALKER Mrs S. Cumbria 015395-67251
THOMAS R. Jeff. W. Glamorgan 01639-637368
VINCENT Mr M. (SYLBECQ) Lancs. 01254-888555
WADSWORTH Mrs P Cheshire 0161-428-8836
WALTON-HADDON Mr J. Notts. 01909-731565
VINES Mrs C. M. (PARVODENE) Glos. 01453-822134
VINES Mr M. L (PAVODENE) Glos. 01453-822134