Judge:  Mrs Ros Gardiner

DCC: Ch. Pemcader Thunderball Nbt *   BCC: Chililabomwe Snowdrop JW ShCM

RDCC: Redfordhill Magic Moments With Salvenik (Imp Dk)

RBCC: Barawood Summer Solace

Best Puppy: Salvenik Star Magic With Triella

Minor Puppy Dog: 1-

Puppy Dog: 1. Born To Be Your Salt Dog At Twinan (Imp Hun) 2. Zydahayes Scrumpy Jack

3. Cottivy Mozart

Junior Dog: No Entries

Post Graduate Dog: 1. Whitebarn Sea Odyssey 2.-

Limit Dog: 1. Redfordhill Magic Moments To Salvenik Jw (ImpDk) 2. Cottivy Skyfall

3. Pemcader Hogans Hero

Open Dog: 1. Ch. Pemcader Thunderball Nbt 2. Ch. Nireno Luke Skywalker

3. Salvenik Share The Wish With Salvenik JW

Veteran Dog: No Entries

Good Citizen Dog: 1. Ceranda Surf’s Up

Minor Puppy Bitch: 1. Cottivy Twelfth Night

Puppy Bitch: 1. Salvenik Star Magic With Triella 2. Zydahayes Red Pippin 3.-

Junior Bitch: 1. Barawood Summer Solace

Post Graduate Bitch: 1. Whitebarn Sea Nymph Nbt 2. Zydahayes Jitterbug

3. Balletcor Zebas Starlight

Limit Bitch: Whitebarn Sea Shell 2. Corland Solitaire 3. Lintelo Treasure

Open Bitch: 1. Chililabomwe Snowdrop Jw ShCM 2. Bertley Autumnal Rose With Salvenik JW

3. Brisam Mokka At Cottivy

Veteran Bitch: 1. Salvenik Star And A Prayer With Triella

Good Citizen Bitch: 1. Jahnshaus Jenny Wren At Beaumilands


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