Judge: Mrs A Ingram

DCC: Ch. Pemcader Thunderball Nbt *    BCC: Penliath Femme Fatale

RDCC: Ch. Oregonian Snow Tiger          RBCC: Ch. Woodhenge Star Xtravaganza

Best Puppy: Penliath Spanner In The Worx (AI)

Minor Puppy Dog 2 (1)

  1. Woodhenge Star Agent For Pendrell Nbt

Puppy Dog 4 (1)

  1. Penliath Spanner In The Worx (AI)
  2. Cottivy Mozart
  3. Balletcor Silver Spirit

Junior Dog 1

  1. Born To Be Your Salt Dog (Imp Hun)

Post Graduate Dog 3 (1)

  1. Elessar Ride The Rainbow
  2. Haresfoot Zebedee Nbt

Limit Dog 8 (1)

  1. Oregonian Snow Leopard JW

2. Barwal Blazing Desert

3. Cottivy Skyfall

Res Twinan Dip Yer Butty

VHC. Cristalunas Apache Spirit Of Keltybrae

Open Dog 8 (2)

  1. Ch. Pemcader Thunderball Nbt.

2. Ch. Oregonian Snow Tiger

3. Ch. Bronabay Cannonball

Res. Ellhar Maksimos Nbt

VHC. Salvenik Share The Wish With Triella JW

Minor Puppy Bitch 4

1. Woodhenge Storm Princess Nbt

2. Elmsmere Stolen Star Nbt

3. Cottivy Twelfth Night

Res. Woodhenge Storm Empress In Keltybrae

Puppy Bitch 4

1. Twinan love Me Do

2. Salvenik Star Magic With Triella

3. Craigycor Lady Million At Daleabbey

Res.  Balletcor Silver Rose

Junior Bitch 3

  1. Elessar Angels Design
  2. Jahnshaus Sunset Lady
  3. Barawood Summer Solace

Post Graduate Bitch 3 (1)

  1. Amberynlea Dark Desire With Ellhar (Imp Ltv)
  2. Corgold Night And Day At Hadassah

Limit Bitch 9 (2)

    1. Highworth Suck It Up Butacup JW

2. Ermyn Moonlight Flyer At Saniaquinto

3. Barwal Brave Tara

Res. Woodhenge Starlight Mist At Keltybrae

VHC. Corgold Black Lace

Open Bitch 7

  1. Penliath Femme Fatale

2. Ch. Woodhenge Star Xtravaganza

3. Ch, Penliath all About Eve

Res. Brisam Mokka At Cottivy

VHC. Craigycor Campsie Princess




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