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Judge: Mr J Horswell

   DCC: Ch. Pemcader Thunderball (Nbt) *       BCC: Penliath All About Eve

RDCC: Can Curig Faerietale Jupiterrising    RBCC: Pemcader I Love Lucy (Nbt)

                                     Best Puppy: Born To Be Your Salt Dog At Twinan

                                    Best Veteran: Salvenik Star and A Prayer With Triella

Puppy Dog: 1. Born To Be Your Salt Dog At Twinan 2. Woodhenge Star Envoy

3. Scottots Siobhan’s Todd

Junior Dog: 1. Ermyn Knight Of The Realm

Post Graduate Dog: 1. Nesden Ratharsair 2. Pemcader Perry Mason Of Tucana 3. –

Limit Dog: 1. Twinan Dip Yer Butty 2. Cristaluna’s Apache Spirit Of Keltybrae 3. –

Open Dog: 1. Ch. Pemcader Thunderball (Nbt) 2. Can Curig Faerietale Jupiterrising

3. Salvenik Share The Wish With Triella

Veteran Dog: 1. Cristaluna’s Apache Spirit Of Keltybrae 2. Ch. Blazerae High Flyer At Saniaquinto ShCM

Puppy Bitch: 1.  Salvenik Star Magic With Triella 2. Twinan Love Me Forever

3. Craigycor Charmed Into Nesden

Junior Bitch: No Entries

Post Graduate Bitch: 1. –

Limit Bitch: 1. Pemcader I Love Lucy 2. Ermyn Moonlight Flyer At Saniaquinto

3. Woodhenge Starlight Mist At Keltybrae

Open Bitch: 1. Ch. Penliath All About Eve 2. Craigycor Campsie Princess

3. Woodhenge Star Xtravaganza

Veteran Bitch: 1. Salvenik Star And A Prayer With Triella 2. Craigycor Galway Girl

3. Kindrummond Sophie At Keltybrae



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