No Comments on WINDSOR 2ND JULY 2017

Judge: Miss A Benson

DCC: Ch. Pemcader Thunderball (Nbt)*    BCC: Ch.Stadwen Florence

RDCC: Oregonian Snow Tiger                     RBCC: Penliath Femme Fatale

Best Puppy: Penliath Sent To Coventry (ai)

                           Best Veteran: Ch. Russ/Ukr/Ch. Ermyn Snow Knight

Veteran Dog/ Bitch: 1. Ch. Russ/Ukr/Ch. Ermyn Snow Knight 2. Cordach Pirate King At Pemland 3. Andvol Pinkerton (Nbt)

Minor Puppy Dog: 1. Penliath Spanner In The Worx (ai) 2. Blithdale Starry Knight Over Ermyn 3. Towernaglen Red Dragon With Ceranda

Puppy Dog: 1. Towernaglen Red Dragon With Ceranda

Junior Dog: No entries

Yearling Dog: 1. Cottivy Skyfall 2. Atsel Hof Show-Krosh 3. Castle Boy

Post Graduate Dog: 1. Stadwen Lancelot 2. Nireno Hob Nob 3. Nireno Jammy Dodger

Limit Dog: 1. Redfordhill Magic Moments To Salvenik JW 2. Oregonian Snow Leopard JW 3. Ceranda Surfs Up

Open Dog: 1. Ch. Pemcader Thunderball (Nbt) 2. Oregonian Snow Tiger 3. Nireno Luke Skywalker

Good Citizen Dog/Bitch: 1. Jahnshaus Jenny Wren At Beaumilands 2. Ermyn Flickering Flame At Solaw 3. Balletcor Zebas Starlight

Minor Puppy Bitch: 1. Penliath Sent To Coventry (ai) 2. Zydahayes Red Pippin

Puppy Bitch: 1. Bertley Miss Money Penny By Pemcader

Junior Bitch: No Entries

Yearling Bitch: 1. Redfordhill Simply Magic For Vuedor 2. Corland Solitaire

Post Graduate Bitch: 1. Stadwen Tinkerbell 2. Redfordhill Simply Magic For Vuedor 3. Beryllos Real Quality Star Over Elmsmere (ImpFin)

Limit Bitch: 1. Brisam Mokka At Cottivy 2. Pemcader I Love Lucy (Nbt) 3. Barwal Brave Tara

Open Bitch: 1. Ch. Stadwen Florence 2. Penliath Femme Fatale 3. Bertley Autumnal Rose With Salvenik JW

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