League Table Update…

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It’s great to see the database filling up with dogs details overnight, but I have realised one error I made – I forgot to add the ‘add exhibitor’ tool. Without this, you wouldn’t have been able to add any show points. I have added it now and also added it to this post.

I know it seems long winded adding breeders, dogs and exhibitors but you only ever need to do that once. I will be adding the Show details over time so all the Dog owners out there need to worry about is adding the points you win. There is method in the madness, as the database grows we should be able to use it to cross check and agree the points for the different league trophies as I can filter the data by exhibitor, breeder, Show type etc.

To show the league table is working, I’ve added Ch Pemcader Thunderballs points from Windsor, I’m sorry but I didn’t know what classes others were entered in so couldn’t add yours too!

Click here to load this Caspio Online Database.

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