Operation Pembroke Castle!

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By Kevin Egan

On a day fit for staying inside and watching the rain, not running about and getting soaked by it, there were 21 stout hearted Welsh Pembroke Corgi owners and their 24 even stouter hearted canine companions weathered by the elements for a ‘Big Fun Day Out’ at Pembroke Castle on Saturday 10th June.

Having originated the idea of a grand Corgi summer meet up last year, when roughly the same group of enthusiasts came to visit HMS Pembroke at berth in Milford Dock, we thought to give it another go this time round and continue the tradition of ‘Pembrokes’ in Pembrokeshire. Our guests came from far and wide outside the Principality from Derby and London as well as those more local in south and west Wales. Unfortunately, the 2pm start was delayed by an hour and the inclement conditions were not ideal for our scheduled relay races and other summer party exercises either.

So, the fall back plan was to bring the Corgi Agility Show forward instead and demonstrate the skill and athleticism of the breed most favoured by us all. We set up some jumps and a tunnel and got going as soon as we could in order to stay warm!

And so, our very first Corgi Agility Show at Pembroke Castle was won by Mr Gareth Cross from Borth with his tricolour dog ODIN!

Our intrepid team of ‘Raindancers’ consisted of; Greg Bishop with CHUDLEY and CHUPPY, Celia Cliff with MICKY and RUBY, Rachel and Gareth Cross, son Dewi and Gareth’s Mum with ODIN and FRIGA, Mary Davies with BOBBY and FREDDY, Karen and Kevin Egan with EDWARD and MUNGO, Vicky Methuen with BRONA and BILLIE-CORGI, Laura Morgan and cousin Ceri with ALFIE, Karen Newton and her Mum with TEAGAN, TULA, TESS and TIEF, Anne Petitpierre and sister Susan Gooding with PETA, EBONY and GEM, Debbie Phillips and daughter Danny with SPIKE, Angela Russell with DEWI, Suzanna van Eeghen with LUKE and Angela and Roger Williams with JUMBLE.

Many thanks are due to Pembroke local resident and League member Vicky Methuen for her invaluable assistance in dealing with the castle administrators on our behalf and to Suzanna van Eeghen who came up with the idea about including agility at the League Championship Show in May.

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